Energy Asia Group was formed by Mike Nandwani, who also started Ewing Enterprises back in 1989 as one of the leading stockist of used oilfield tubular in the region.


Energy Asia Group today is well diversified in the oilfield industry being one of the leading inventory stockist of used or unused surplus equipment. The inventory held by Energy Asia Group included several complete offshore and onshore drilling rigs. Our inventory includes major items of equipment such as Drawworks, Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, SCR units, generator sets, compressors right down to tubulars like drill pipe, drill collars, casing, tubing, handling tools, fishing tools, well whatever you see on a drilling rig is what we have.


Energy Asia Group currently is expanding into pipeline services equipment stocking up on multi stage pumps. Our biggest pump, is the Ingersoll-Rand IR 8DA4 pump powered by GM16V149 engine.(We believe is the only highest volume, highest pressure pump, capacity 3800 gpm, 650 psi, available in Singapore)  We also fabricate skids to couple up pumps and engines according to our customers specifications.


Energy Asia Group operates 24 hours daily, and has joint ventures and partners in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe and U.S.A.


Energy Asia Group priority is always maintaining its excellent reputation. We do not do 'cosmetic jobs' on equipments unless it has been refurbished.


Delivery on brand new equipments and tubular today can be as long as 16 months, this is where we come in with our rental and sale of our refurbished equipments and tubular which is readily available.


To be able to survive in the bad times, we have to be creative and one such program we launched is our 'Exchange Program'. We exchange equipments with our customers, swapping our equipments they need for their surplus equipment. This 'Exchange Program' has been very successful.


Energy Asia Group is continually looking for business opportunities in the oil industry. We seriously consider all opportunities and ventures that will benefit both parties.