Anchor Buoys

Aquadyne pumps


Baker 5.5 Inch Casing Scrapper


Best Oil Tools 7.58 Casing Scrapper


BJ 125 Ton Hook



BJ 5500 Hooks 3 each




BOP Control Panel









Beebe Blueprint

Beebe Herculink



Houstons Systems


Bowen Jar Tester



Brewster 350 Ton Block


Haliburto Quintuplex








BSI 8 Sheeve 1.5 Million Pound Crown Block


CAT 399 Gensets


Caterpillar 398 Genset


Caterpillar AR 3512 Genset Serial No.24Z01412 In House



Continental Emsco 37.5 MPCH Masterbushing





Continental Emsco 500 ton block comes with bracket

Continental Emsco RA60 650 Ton Crown Block


Crown Cluster 60 Inch 1.38 Inch Groove



Cummins KTTA19G2 Genset Containerised






Cummins NTA855G2

Derrick L48 Single Shale Shakers

Elmago 6032 brake

EMSCO 125 Ton Block





FMC Link Belt Crane

Gardner Denver WAF 13 Air Compressor With GM 371 Engine and Air Tank



Grant 26 Inch Hole Opener With Extra Set Cutters On a Skid




Grant 36 Inch Hole Opener With Extra Set Cutters On a Skid


Christenten Breakout unit



Griffith Breakout Unit

Guiberson 7 Inch Double BOP Chain Drive

Guideline Tensioners western gear


Hydril 29.5 MSP 500 Element


Ideco Truline 500 ton Swivel







International Kelly Spinner





Koomey Accumulator Unit With 5 Stations can be extended to 7 stations with 1 Triplex Pump and 3 Air Pumps and 24 Bottles

Marine Riser Tensioners Parts

Maritime Hydraulics 1898 Iron Roughneck


Matthey Surveyor Wireline Unit

National 21 Inch Risers

National 37.5 Inch MPCH Masterbushing




National G660 500 Ton Block Hook Combo












national p400 swivel










Oilwell Crown Block


Pielstick engines 5 each available


Quincy 125 HP Air Compressor

Radiator for Caterpillar 399 Engine



Right Angle Drive Gearbox


Security 26 Hole Opener


Sewage Plant Omni Pure

Skytop Brewster 9SX Swivel






Smith 24 inch hole opener comes with 2 sets extra cutters

Swaco Choke With Panel

Vetco MR6 21 Inch Risers

Weatherford 20-35 Power Tong






Weatherford 24-50 Power Tong


Wilson 1250 Duplex Pump

Worthington pump 2 stage